Trip Insurance

We do provide travel insurance along with all flight tickets.

Trip CostInsurance Cost
$0 – $99.99$7.99
$100 – $199.99$12.99
$200 – $499.99TripPrice/100 * 5.50
$500 – $999.99TripPrice/100 * 6.000
$1000 – $100001TripPrice/100 * 6.75

Reasons of covering – Sickness, injury or death of a traveler, traveling companion or immediate family member; or other covered events such as cancellation of arrangements by an airline due to strike or bad weather; jury duty; involvement in documented traffic accident on the way to the airport; destruction of residence by a natural disaster (i.e. fire, earthquake, flood, tornado or hurricane); documented theft of passport or visas; transfer of employment of 250 miles or more