Tips for Flying with Infants or Toddlers

Tips for Flying with Infants or ToddlersTips for Flying with Infants or Toddlers – Travelling by air is already a nerve-wracking task and if you are with infant and toddlers it can turn into an absolute misery. Long lines at the security checkpoint, moving around the airport and boarding your flight can become challenging for you in such cases.  All you need to get through this is a solid planning. Whether you are having two hours flights or 17 hours international flights these tips for flying with toddlers and infants can surely make you a great mom.

Though traveling with kids can be very stressful but we have the best solutions in store for you here. You can make your flying experience amazing with your new bundle of joy by using these amazing tips for flying with Infants or toddlers. Make your travel fun with kids.

Must known Tips for flying with Infants or Toddlers used by Every Mom

Toddlers can really throw some tantrums while flying, prepare to deal with them smartly. With the proper preparation and planning, you can enjoy the flight with your baby. Here are tips used by many moms around the world:

Pack wisely and what you need

Running out of milk and diapers while flying can be the worst thing that could happen to any mom, you surely don’t want that happen to you. Therefore, make sure that you carry enough food and diapers along with some toys to keep your baby busy. Carry-on is the best thing to keep all these belongings of your toddler at one place. Though this will add up to your luggage and could become bit heavy but it’s better than controlling screaming baby while flying. Don’t forget to pack one extra pair of clothes for your toddler.

Look for the Extra Leg Room

If you need to play some extra bucks for the seat with extra leg room do not think twice. It is very comfortable for the lap child and you will get good space to keep your stuff on the ground. The airline regulation state that the child under 2 should sit on the lap of their parents but the best thing to do is buy a seat for your kid if he or she is over 18 months. This will make them comfortable to play with their toys.

Make yourself ready for TSA

The TSA could be worst for you when you are having bottles of milk and food for your baby. All the food products will be checked by the agents and this might take your 20 to 30 minutes. Be prepared for this and make your toddler stay calm while all this.

Feed your baby while landing and takeoff

This tip is suggested and tried by many moms. Breastfeed your baby or give them the bottle of milk or a cup of water before takeoff and landing to prepare their ears for dealing with the plane pressure. Observe the pressure, if you feel that pressure is getting rough on your ears make sure that you give something to the baby.

Don’t forget to bring treat and toy

To keep your kid calm, the best thing you could do is surprise them with toys and treat. If your kid is crying and screaming then the best way to calm them is treating them with the lollipop or some other candy they like. Along with this, giving them new toys can also cheer them up.

Travel Essential for infants and toddlers

Here are few very important travel essentials that every mom should carry with themselves while flying with kids. This is the best way to avoid the problems that you face later because of your baby. Do not forget to pack all these things:

  • Carry enough diaper for your baby (if you have a newborn 10 diapers will be fine, eight for a baby, and six for a toddler)
  • Good Wipes
  • Changing pad
  • Nursing pads
  • Books, toys, and treat
  • Extra pacifiers and teething rings to keep them busy
  • Lightweight blanket to keep them warm
  • Do forget to take your pediatrician’s phone number
  • Empty Sippy cups so that you can purchase juice or water after you get through security
  • Extra pair of clothes


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