Honeymoon Tour to Greece

Probably one of the few countries in the world that boast of both, a rich cultural heritage and history, as well as picturesque landscapes, it will be unfair if Greece doesn’t feature on this list. Greece is a country well renowned for its ancient architecture and cities that date back to the ancient Greek civilization. Greece has been home to some of the most beautiful cities and towns that mankind has ever thrived in, and a visit to these places is mandatory, if you and your spouse are both true explorers.

History buffs will love every nook and cranny of this country. While you are there, make sure you visit the ancient city of Athens, which has hints of history as well as a dash of modernization. Also visit Thessaloniki for its ancient Roman ruins, churches and the famous ‘white tower’. A trip down to Greece would be incomplete without visiting Samos, the little island which is a home to several ancient ruins – some of which are pre-historic and really awe inspiring, including various beautiful beaches. Mykonos too is an important town famous for its lively and vibrant nightlife, as well as serene beaches.

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