Travel Etiquette one Must Follow in Flight – One Roof Travel

Travel Etiquette one must Follow in Flight
Travel Etiquette one Must Follow in Flight – One Roof Travel

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘be the change you want to see in others’? Well, flights are the best place to apply this while traveling. One of the important things that most of us tend to forget while traveling is the etiquette. You might be having a good time but it is your responsibility to make sure that other passengers do not face any problem because of you. Ease your and co passenger’s air travel simply by following the travel etiquette in flights.

Daunting flights can bring out worst in you. Don’t let that happen. We have picked out few must follow travel etiquette in flight for you which make your journey much better with  your fellow passengers.

Travel Etiquette That Are Must Follow in Flight


Travel Etiquette one Must Follow in Flight – One Roof Travel

Here are some flight etiquette that you must follow while traveling. These etiquette will make your and fellow passenger’s journey comfortable. Follow these tips in order to change your traveling experiences:

Don’t be a Chatterbox

You might see nothing wrong in little chit chat with your neighbor passenger but before running your mouth, take little hints. Some people enjoy flying in silence and you definitely do not want to become disturbance for them. Before starting any conversation it is very necessary to understand their mood first.


Alcohol in flight is definitely not a good idea. You do not want to be the one leaning on another passenger. If you cannot handle yourself after it then booze on the flight is not your thing. In case you are having boozer as your fellow passenger, do not indulge in conversation. If the person starts annoying you, call the flight attendant and ask if there is any vacant seat on a plane.

Take care of sounds and smells

Listening music is the best idea to pass time on a flight, but make sure that you keep the volume down. Not everyone has the same taste as you have in music, therefore; make sure that you don’t inflict it on someone who doesn’t want to listen.

Take care of your odor but do not use perfume or any kind of spray on a flight. This might cause a problem to other passengers.If your co passenger is allergic then it might cause respiratory problems. Aroma of your food (in case you carry any) should not bother others.

Moving Around

Constantly moving around the cabin can annoy fellow passenger. It could be very disturbing for those who are in your row. Avoid taking the huge amount of water in order to avoid your constant visit to a washroom. If you do not want this then choose the aisle seat so that other does not get disturbed.

Be Generous

Don’t forget to share the armrest. As the person in aisle and window seat gets enough elbow room, the middle one suffers the most. Make sure that you share your armrest with your fellow passenger. They also need it. You can recline your seat whenever you want to shut your eyes. But make sure before you kick back that the person behind you has enough leg room.

You should always inform the person behind you before kicking back your seat. Do not stuff your bags into overhead compartments crush and do use others compartment. This is why the luggage is limited in a cabin.


These were the few simple things by following which you can make fellow passengers journey along with your own more comfortable. At last, let the people in front of you off the plane first. We hope this helped you and next time when you are traveling by air you should keep these things in mind.

Travel Etiquette one Must Follow in Flight – One Roof Travel

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